May 18, 2011

Dear Edward Cullen

Dear Edward Cullen,

Avada Kedavra!

Tom Riddle

*The sender was supposed to be Harry Potter, but I don't want him to use that killing curse (though I'm not sure if it would work on Edward 'coz he's dead, well it still is worth a try. LOL). So I used Tom Riddle, instead. I was watching the whole set of the Harry Potter movies (I'm on the 3rd) and then, suddenly my phone rang. It was a friend, asking me if I have movie copies of Twilight. I told her "I do NOT." She was a wee bit disappointed, but what can I do? I am NOT... repeat, NOT.. a Twilight fan. I would pick Harry Potter any day over Edward Cullen. Better to be loved by a wizard than be cuddled by a vampire. Hehe! Well, to those who do love Twilight, that's fine. But I just can't stop myself from sharing this letter. This is my blog, after all. Hihi. Do excuse the wry humor. Thanks.

*Oh, and here's another one!

Dear Edward,

You're doing it wrong.


*Hahaha!! Hahahaha!!!

May 3, 2011

Dear ABC's

Dear ABC's,

I was here first. Get your own song!

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

* and are the two main contenders in free blog hosting. Last year, when I decided to start doing blogs, I really was thinking of making a WP blog. But a friend told me that Blogger or Blogspot is more user-friendly. So I made my very first blog in that blogging platform. delivered. It was free, has a collection of easy-to-use templates and is associated with Google. Plus, making a Blogger blog is as easy as pie. But lately, I've been so enthralled with Wordpress that I decided to "transfer" my Filipino blog to the WP platform, and made 2 new blogs. But I'd have to admit that at first, I did have a hard time making a WP blog. Maybe because I don't have any decent background on how to install plug-ins and edit html codes. But I'm beginning to work out the kinks as days pass. Do check out my WP (personal) blogs..

Ako si Leah.
I am Leah.
I am Teddybear.

But of course, I will not abandon completely. I still have my Blogger blog MY TASTY TREASURES and I don't see myself transferring or importing my TREASURE blog to Wordpress anytime soon. :)