March 26, 2011

Dear Monthly Period

Dear Monthly Period,

I get seriously pissed whenever you come to visit me. However, as much as I hate you, I'm still glad that you do visit me every month. I know that Pregnancy hates it whenever you're here. So with you here with me, she won't get a chance to get inside my house. Harhar!

Not-pregnant Lady

*I have a lady friend who had been worried sick because she had unprotected sex with a guy. For days, she kept on bombarding me with questions like, "What if I'm pregnant? What should I do?". Honestly, I wanna slap her hard in the face. I mean, what kind of question is that? If you're so "chicken" to face the consequences of your actions, then you shouldn't have done the deed, in the first place. Tsk. Anyway, she got her monthly period today, so imagine her happiness. Yeah. She's not pregnant. But I hope she learns from this. Personally, I'm not against having sex. Some says that it's actually healthy to engage in sexual acts. However, one should be responsible enough to think before acting. Oh, and mature enough to consider the consequences of those actions. Keywords. Be responsible and mature.


  1. PS.. Monthly period, you're so yucky!.. hehehehehhe...

    Dati grabe, ang lufet talaga nya, from super sakit to suka, talo pa si Ondoy. Pero I noticed that when I exercise my tummy muscles before it comes, I don't experience it's lufet-ness anymore. Pero si yucky, anjan pa rin, walang patawad ever.


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