April 22, 2011

Dear Carnivores

Dear Carnivores,

I'm not a vegetarian because I love animals; I'm a vegetarian because I hate plants.

Twisted vegetarian

*During HOLY WEEK, it is said that the consumption of all animal products is strictly forbidden. One can only eat fruits and vegetables. That kinda sucks, right? Well, I eat meat. Cooked, of course. Haha! I just have to say that. Anyway, I'm not sure if I could have eggs for breakfast, eat some grilled fish at lunch or have some ordered seafood dinner. I dunno.. Hmm. But to avoid any rants from devoted Catholic friends, I'd better stick to eating fruits. It's just for a day, anyway.. (Good Friday). Some people observe "fasting" for a few days during Lent. I don't know if I could do that. I love food too much. Does that make me a bad Christian? I hope not...

April 12, 2011

Dear Statistics

Dear Statistics,

100% of us hate you.

Students who failed Statistics

*College graduation. Some universities have had their graduation ceremonies last month.. others, this month. Here in the University oof the Philippines in the Visayas (UPV), most of my friends will graduate. Yay! Congratulations! However, there are some who won't. Well, I'd bet my bottom dollar that those who have failed subjects are pissed! Well, they still have to endure a semester or so of college torture. Total bummer. Oh well, serves them right for failing college subjects. Yeah, I'm being bitchy. Hehe.