June 21, 2011

Dear Attractive Teacher

Dear attractive teacher,

I wish your lectures were more like your skirt; long enough to cover the topic, but short enough to keep me interested.

College student

*Yesterday, I overheard a group of college freshmen talking about their lady professor. They said that she is smokin' hot and how she's able to wear the most nerdy-looking dress, and still look sexy. All of them were obviously attracted to her, except one. This one boy pointed out that he prefers to have a nerdy-looking teacher rather than a sexy professor. That way, he will be able to concentrate on the lessons, instead of on her boobs. The rest of the group just laughed.

Psh. Boys.

June 6, 2011

Dear Stephenie Meyer

Dear Stephenie Meyer,

I don't get it. How can Edward get an erection since he's not really alive? Is that even possible? Care to explain?

Confused girl

*Harry Potter or Twilight? Of course, HARRY POTTER. I understand that the movies that I like may not be the favorites of other people.. and vice versa. And so I give respect to those who do love the Twilight books and movies. I just can't force them into liking Harry Potter if they prefer Edward Cullen. Anyway, as I was blog-hopping this afternoon, I stumbled upon a blog that has updates about the new Twilight movie. And yeah, I did watch the Breaking Dawn official trailer. It was okay, I guess. But after seeing that Breaking Dawn and Bella Cullen are trending on Twitter (oh and their lead stars winning awards at the MTV Movie Awards), it got me thinking.. "What's happening to the world, momma?", and then the Harry Potter fan in me went into battle mode. So, excuse me for being a bit sarcastic.