December 2, 2011

Dear Twilight Fans

Dear Twilight fans,

Please realize that because vampires are dead and have no blood pumping through them, they can never get an erection. Enjoy fantasizing about that.


* I don't like the Twilight series, but I don't hate them either. Read the books, watched the movies. They're... okay. I haven't watched Breaking Dawn yet, but I will. Next week. And I will look for flaws. Hehe. I just find the idea of Bella getting pregnant, kinda funny. Like.. whut?! To all my friends who just adore the Twilight series.. so sorry. but please... please excuse me while I laugh. HAHAHA! Okay. I'm good.


  1. Werewolves however have ALOT of blood pumping through them. And much nicer muscles too

  2. Eww Charlotte please, spare me the details.

    But Twilight is kind of the Justin Bieber of the movie industry. Gets so much attention due to haters. Ugh :C

  3. ganyan po talaga...overrated stuff sucks most of the times...though you're right na they're kinda ok' dahil maganda din naman yung idea ng story (lalo na sa book), hindi lang ATA maganda yung kinalabasan (esp the movie)...

    btw, can i laugh with you? :D
    on d other hand, i guess i'll go first.
    i'll be watching breaking dawn tonight on a family affair :D

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  5. bwahahahahahah! preace sister!


  6. Ahhh thank you! I have always reminded people of this, but no one really seems to care.


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