March 20, 2011

Dear Life

Dear Life,

When I said, "Could things get any worse?", it was just a rhetorical question. It wasn't a challenge.

A pained person

*Lately, it seemed like my life took a fall.. I had some health complications. And then I have some slight problems with the business. Oh! And my dreams of having a family (with my ex-boyfriend) was shattered because I found out that he's already living with some girl while he's engaged to me. It really got me depressed. I haven't cried.. That is, until today. I let it all out. It just seemed so... frustrating. But I know everything will turn out fine, eventually. Though I think it wouldn't hurt to ask.. "Life, will you please.. give me a break?". ☺


  1. Awwwwh *hugggggles* That sucks :(.
    I hope things get better for you soon.

  2. you need a break?!

    then let's go to singapore, hongkong and macau on my 25th bday!

    tell your folks 'bout this so they'll get ready to give you thousand of bucks. woot woot!

    cheer up.


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