January 13, 2011

Dear Crime Shows

Dear Crime Shows,

Please, could you stop showing (in detailed description) the killers how to make a perfect crime? Your shows kinda make them learn what they should and should NOT do. It's a little scary.

Paranoid viewer

*There are lots of police drama, forensic investigations series and crime drama series around the globe. The best, I consider, is the TV show CSI: New York. I've finished watching all six seasons of CSI NY (It's currently on it's seventh season). They're a team of forensic and police officers, headed by Detective Mac Taylor. I adore the characters.. Stella Bonasera, Sheldon Hawkes, Lindsay Monroe, Danny Messer and Don Flack. Oh, and yeah, Adam Ross. Hehe. He cute when he's nervous. Anyway, This TV series shows us how the NYPD forensic scientists use physical evidence to solve murders in just a matter of days, maybe weeks, also shows tips on how to defend ourselves from attackers, how to give aid to the wounded, etc. We can learn a lot from the show.. And well, the criminals can, too. But then, I'm just being paranoid. Hehehe. Never mind.


  1. bongga ka talaga leah. hehehe ang dami mong blog. :D

  2. hi Ms.Leah dumadalaw sa isa mo pang blog


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