January 16, 2011

Dear Superheroes

Dear Superheroes,

I totally understand the "cape" thing. But what's with wearing your underwear on the outside? I don't get it. Care to explain?

Confused Superfan

*I have a recent post on my personal blog about Superman and superheroes. This thought just crossed my mind. Funny but true, some comic book superheroes do wear their underwear on the outside. The reason behind it? Beats the hell out of me. Harhar!


  1. palagay ko ate, to flaunt their undies. haha! :p

  2. Kamamadali? Kasi diba usually urgent ang emergency call sa kanila.. ehehehe

  3. @Rose: Sa palagay mo, ganun.. hehe.. Parang they wanna let the public see their underwear. Haha.. Nakow! Bakit di sila hinuhuli ng mga police.. public scandal. haha!

    @Nielz: Haha! Sa pagmamadali.. hehe.. Oo nga ano, parang tama ka nga dyan. Hehe...


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