January 25, 2011

Dear Sheriff

Dear Sheriff,


Bob Marley

*Just got hold of the news. "An explosion hit a passenger bus along Epifanio delos Santos Avenue (EDSA) in Makati City on Tuesday afternoon, leaving 2 persons dead and 16 others injured."............. I have plans of going to Manila this 1st week of February. I'm planning to have a month-long vacation.. and then this. I know that these acts of terrorism can happen everywhere.. may it be in the city or in a farm. People who are focused on terrorizing the public choose no specific time or place. Still, it leaves me with feelings of fear and paranoia. This news of the bus explosion... this is very distressing news. An individual (or group of people), seemingly without a conscience, is free roaming around the metropolitan, and does not hesitate to do terrorist acts and inflict harm to another human being. Tsk.  What is wrong with you, people???

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  1. I think fear is something we have to overcome wherever we go, whatever we do. Public transport, how do you know the bus will not topple over, or the train will stay in on peice? It's scary. But there's no point being caught up in the negative mentality.

    Terrorists are idiots who should have their balls repeatedly -______-


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