January 12, 2011

Dear Zyra

Dear Zyra,

Let's say.. I do win the award, will I have fame and fortune? Hmm.. I could live with "No fame". It's still okay.. As long as there's cash. Hehe. I'm kidding, of course. But honestly... no cash? Not a cent? Really?

Being materialistic,

*Of course, I'm only joking with the "fame and fortune" part. Hehehe.. My personal blog, "MY TASTY TREASURES" has been nominated for The Annual Blog Awards 2010 (TABA) under the categories "Best in Kikay Blog Design" and "English Blogger of the year". It is hosted by Mrs. Zyra Bambico of AdodcEspresso. The price is a simple badge and of course, some bragging rights. Now, I wonder if there would be an awarding ceremony. Hmm... I'd better buy something pretty to wear. Just in case... Hehehe! ☺


  1. Cool. Good luck sayu. Magandang umaga.

  2. Yes I did read this one heehee ÜÜÜ
    and as a response ---> http://adodcespresso.com/2011/01/13/reply-to-leah/


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